eSchool Feature List

100% Customization

eSchool is re-designed and implemented as a new product for every institute. It is not provided as a standard product, but fully customized as per your institute's processes and your requirements. With eSchool you don't need to change your processes; eSchool will optimize your processes.

Software available in market are not customizable

100% Branding

As eSchool is re-designed and implemented as a new product, its look and feel, navigation, and usability are designed as per institute's requirement.

Software in the market just allow to add your Institute Image, Name and Logo.

Online+Offline Access

eSchool is designed to be used as online ERP system. Some basic functionalities are available offline too (starting from July 2017).

Software in the market are usable either in Online or in Offline mode; but not in both.

Customer Care & Support

Our team provides Online, On-call and On-site support for training, meetings, requirement gathering, user acceptance, day-to-day activities, issue management, etc.

Most of the companies just sell the product and don't provide any customer care desk.

Support & Maintenance

We will keep on adding new features in eSchool as standard functionalities and as per your new requirements or as per governments notifications.

Software in the market don't support maintenance.

Contract Renewable

We guarantee for the Next Year Renewable Price, also for the next two years, we guarantee the maximum price.

Online ERP Softwares in the market don't guarantee the prices for the coming years.

Management Dashboard

eSchool helps the management of the school to have an intense check on every action going on in school effortlessly.

Principal Dashboard

Access to principal to manage school teaching and non-teaching staff along with students' activities easily.

Class Teacher Dashboard

eSchool helps the class teacher to overcome the problem of managing the class records like students’ attendance, their performance, examination results, PTM reports, etc.

Teacher Dashboard

Teacher can access their individual dashboard and view the summarized information such as their Attendance, Events/Holidays, Time Table, examinations, PTM reports, salary, certificates and reports etc.

Parents Dashboard

Parents have the access to view their ward(s) personal information, attendance, performance reports, results, fee payment, due fee, student diary, assignments, planner, etc.

Accountant Dashboard

eSchool is providing matchless management of all fee payment such as Admission Fee, Caution Money, Exam Fee, Hostel Fee, Transport Fee, Library Dues, etc. Also, manages the discounts or scholarships provided to students. Also, manages salary of teaching and non-teaching staff. Access for various reports are also provided.

Operator Dashboard

eSchool provides management of all day to day activities including information management, attendance, reports, certificates, etc. of students and staff members.

Admin Dashboard

eSchool provides management of all administrator tasks including creating master data for session, class, section, fee, events, calendar, time table, etc.

Dashboard for Other Users

eSchool also provides separate dashboard for transport in-charge, exam in-charge, lab technician and librarian.

Admission Process Management

Efficiently manage the student admission process by Admission Notification on Home Page of Institute Website, Online Admission, detailed information recording including Student, Parent, Sibling and Other information. Information update, verification and review, Admission confirmation, admission fee payment, scholar and section allocation. eSchool reduces the problems of both parents and school for admissions by streamlining the process.

Centralized Information Management

eSchool stores detailed information of student and staff members in consistent way at centralized place. This helps to maintain the consistency of data across various modules and in reporting features.

Student Attendance Management

eSchool provides Daily Attendance Recording at individual student or at individual section levels. Attendance Reports can be generated for weekly/Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly time periods.

Student Results Management

Evaluation of Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly Test, Exams (Quarterly, Half Yearly, Yearly), Assignments/Project, Extra-Curricular Activities/Others Activities/Events can be expertly managed through eSchool. Results can be printed in pdf format, and reports can be fetched in excel format along with displaying the same on screen.

Events(extra-curricular activities) Management

Extra-Curricular Activities/Others Activities/Events can be expertly managed through eSchool. Activities' related certificates can be printed in pdf format, and reports can be fetched in excel format.

Report Cards & Id Cards

Student report cards and Id cards can be effortlessly and quickly generated through eSchool. Id Cards for staff members can also be generated easily.

Student Promotion

eSchool allows you to auto promote students to next class if the student successfully completed the last class. Various rules can be defined for auto promotion.

Certificate Management

Various types of student certificates including SLC, CC, Concern, Extra-curricular activities can be easily generated using eSchool. Experience certificates and other certificates for the staff can also be easily generated.

Time Table Management

Designing the time tables for staff as well as for classes without any confusion is very tough to do. But through eSchool this problem has been solved smartly forever by time table management feature.

Academic Calendar

Planning of annual calendar with important dates and events related to school has been made easier than ever before through eSchool.

SMS Services

eSchool is directly linked with the external SMS service providers so that SMS can be sent directly to the Parents and Staff Members. eSchool provide easy interface to directly send the SMSs to all students’ class or section.

Library Management

eSchool helps to manage the school library easily be keeping in record of registering new books, sorting, listing, creating library account for user, generating no-dues certificate, dues reminder, online library records for user etc.

Transport Management

Transport management can be easily handled through eSchool by having detailed record of not only transportation fee of students but also details of transportation vehicles as well as the details of transportation staff all together.

Session Management

Manage your academic session(s) easily through eSchool. eSchool manages student information, their results, performance, fee payment, etc. under a single session. eSchool is optimized to manage multiple sessions and to get the reports from various sessions.

Subject Management

eSchool allows the institute to manage the teachers, academic calendar and performance evaluation at subject level. Teachers can have access as subject level to review and evaluate the students for subject.

Fee and Salary Management

eSchool is NOT an accounting or payroll software but it manages the student fee and staff salary payments efficiently. Fee structure can be defined for individual class along with the due date details. Due date details can be used to remind the parents in advance for the fee payment. Fee/Salary calculations and fee/salary receipts can be managed by using eSchool.

Various Analytical Reports

eSchool provides access for various reports, including Fee Payment Report, Fee Due Report, Student Performance Report, Student Basic Information Report, Student Performance Evaluation reports (Patrak), staff reports, salary report, merit list, attendance report, subject-wise performance reports, etc.

Staff Management

As eSchool manages all the processes related to students, so same is true with staff members. eSchool is storing full details about the staff members including personal, educational, and previous experience information.

eSchool manages end-to-end process related to staff including recruitment notification, recruitment, assigning various roles (teacher, class teacher, principal, etc.), attendance, salary, and leaving the organization.

Data Security & Privacy

eSchool is developed by using the latest technology and have multi-level security for the data. The database server, application server, web server, ftp server and reporting tool are deployed in our dedicated servers hosted on one of the best hosting server provider environments like Godaddy, BigRock, etc.

We guarantee that the information shared with eSchool and hosted with us will not be shared with any third party. We guarantee for 100% Privacy of your information.