eSchool Pricing

School Category No. of Students Price(First Year) Price(Second Year)
Purchase Before (31st March 2017)
Micro Size less than 300 Rs. 25,000 Rs. 20,000
Mini Size 300-500 Rs. 35,000 Rs. 30,000
Small Size 500-1000 Rs. 45,000 Rs. 40,000
Medium Size 1000-2000 Rs. 60,000 Rs. 50,000
Large Size 2000+ Rs. 75,000 Rs. 60,000

Note – Price from third year will depend on the market prices (and Number of Students in Current Session) and the latest technologies. But, we can guarantee that the rise in the cost will not be more than 20% even though the market price could reach to 30-40% (we will bear the loss or change the technology without effecting your services and our commitments). If there is downfall in the prices in hosting services or IT enabled services, we will reduce the annual cost in same proportion.

Above Costing includes the cost for the following (for One Year):

  • eSchool Licence Fee
  • Hosting Fee
  • Master Data Setup
  • Small Customizations
  • Maintenance Fee
  • Support & Services Fee
  • Free Domain Name (price up to 300 Rs. Per annum)
  • Free Basic Website (up to 5 pages)
  • Promotional SMS (5 SMS per Student per annum)